Displacement Information

Further to the meeting on 23rd November at Abertay University, here are the important dates regarding the upcoming club displacement from Caird Park.


Junior training resumes: Tuesday 9th January 2018- see training matrix below for details

Team Spirit Matrix V2 (Nigel / Secondary Age Group)

Team SkyHawks Matrix V2 (Catriona / Primary Age Group)


Training Venues Information-

DHH Displacement Venues – Dundee Wide 2018

DHH Displacement Venue 2018 St Pauls

DHH Displacement Venues – Dundee Ice Areana 2018

DHH Displacement Venue_Elliot Road

DHH Displacement Venue_ Forthill Sports Club


For more information here is PowerPoint from the Abertay Uni Meeting:

DHH Displacement Presentation 2017