Displacement Information

Here are the current training matrix for each group:

Team Spirit Matrix V10 Sept 2019 (Nigel / Secondary Age Group)

SkyHawks Matrix V10 Sept 19 (Catriona / Primary Age Group)

Please check regularly for any updates.

Saturday morning training at George Duncan Athletics Arena in Perth information 

DHH Juniors will be using the George Duncan Athletic Arena in Perth on Saturday mornings for track and field training whilst club is displaced as per above matrix.

Please note Saturday Morning sessions at GDAA are now finished.

Training Venues Information-

DHH Displacement Venues – Dundee Wide 2018

DHH Displacement Venue 2018 St Pauls

DHH Displacement Venues – Dundee Ice Areana 2018

DHH Displacement Venue_Elliot Road

DHH Displacement Venue_ Forthill Sports Club

For more information here is PowerPoint from the Abertay Uni Meeting:

DHH Displacement Presentation 2017