East District Cross Country League

Final East Cross Country League team standings have now been posted and it is looking good for the Hawks with 7 of our teams improving their position from last year, one staying the same and 2 slightly down. (Points are relative to how many runners are in the category eg. The senior men have huge participation) Generally though the lower the points the better!

2014/15                   2015/16
U11B              7th 306 points         5th 195 points
U11G              9th 807 points         5th 189 points
U13B              8th 321 points         5th 163 points
U13G              6th 343 points         9th 380 points
U15B              7th 226 points         9th 271 points
U15G/17W     9th 277 points          8th 360 points
U17M              6th 222 points         2nd 82 points
Sen/U20W      No team                   8th 541 points
Sen/U20M      13th 2225 points     13th 2215 points
Male Masters  No team                  9th 1272 points

And overall combined male and female teams…see photo👍