Membership Update

“Following recent inquiries regarding the categories of club membership and the benefits of this, this statement clarifies the clubs position following a recent committee meeting.
Anyone attending an organised club session has to, as a minimum, associate with the club for welfare and governance compliance.
Club Association is free and meant for non-competing coaches, officials, parent helpers & short term visiting athletes and is NOT a membership of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers.  Therefore, this does not have any of the benefits of being an actual club member such as insurance through the club, or reduced track fees on club nights.
 If you are not a member, full track fees must be paid.  These are :  Adult £4  /Junior £2:60
For competing athletes the best (and long term cheaper) option would be to join Dundee Hawkhill Harriers or, if already a member of another club, to become a 2nd claim member with DHH with all the benefits of club membership.
If you have any queries or need to associate / become 2nd claim member, please contact Debbie Letham on”