Message from Stuart Allan

I’m currently abroad on holiday so am unable to attend the civic reception tonight hosted by the Lord Provost to celebrate the Hawkies’ 125th anniversary.
I’m very sorry that I can’t attend but very much appreciated the kind invitation. I couldn’t however let the occasion pass without passing my best wishes – and the best wishes of everyone in the Dundee Thistle – to the Hawks for all they have achieved over the last 125 years and perhaps most importantly of all for everything they’ve done to bring on so many youngsters by introducing them to and nurturing them in the sport. I would guess that literally thousands of young folk have benefited from the Club’s support and encouragement over these years.

All this is reflected in the Hawks’ successes in the sport where you’ve produced athletes at all levels, including international level. For me, however, I think my abiding memory is of the unique and distinctive checked vest worn quite rightly with pride by Hawks in events all over the country; it’s been particularly great to spot the Hawkies’ vest when I’ve spectated at races far from home.

We in the Dundee Thistle have made many friends in the Hawkies. Many of these friendships were formed years ago when the running track was inside the cycling track at Caird Park or when we were all competing in our own events at the various Highland Games when it was so easy to strike up relationships. What is so special is that many of these friendships are long standing and abiding. Long may they continue.

It is entirely right and proper that Dundee Council should honour the Hawkies’ contribution to the sporting¬† life of the City – it is richly deserved.

Have a great night!

And see you all at the Cyclists/Harriers Hogmanay event!

Stuart Allan (Former Chairman of Dundee Thistle Cycling Club)