More Records broken

Now that the 2nd Indoor League match results have been finalised, I am pleased to announce a further 10 records have been set or broken. The most impressive of which is U15 Rachel Broadfoot breaking the 60m Hurdle record in a time of 9.58s that stood for almost 28 years and was held by Lorna Silver (Rogers) (9.88s).

Aimee Link (U11 600m), Amarachi Okeke (U13 Shott Putt) and Declan Gall (U20 60m Hurdles) also bettered their own records.

Josh Taylor (U13 High Jump), Lucas Goff (U11 60m), Andie Goodman (U20 60m), Steffi Kidd (U15 Long Jump), Taylor Fitchett (U13 Long Jump), Darcey Brown (U11 60m) and Aimee Link (U11 Standing Long Jump) were the other new record holders.

All the records can be viewed under the ‘Competition’ menu