Provisional Devils Burdens teams

Here are the provisional DB teams for this year. Thanks to everyone for responding to the arm-twisting and cajoling – we really appreciate you turning out for the club. If anyone else want to run, please let me know as things always go awry on the day.

Hawks A

Leg1: Dave Hanlon Leg 2:  Mike Galloway/Steve Matthews Leg3: TBC/Marco Placentino  Leg4: Al McDonald

Hawks B

Leg1: Ken Letham  Leg2: Stuart Morton/Dave Ewing  Leg3 Charlie Love/ Alan Kennedy

Leg4 Raymond Tully

Hawks Ladies 

Leg1:  Vicky Brown  Leg2: Cat Matthews/Diane Placentino  Leg3: Cheryl Walls/Pam Scott

Leg4 Nicola Tully

reserves: Elayne