Scottish Athletics survey

As part of scottishathletics work with ‘Children 1st‘ we are asking club secretaries to circulate the email below. We are trying to encourage parents to engage in our support in a positive manner and also think about their behaviour whilst watching athletes on the track.

Spectator Behaviour Survey

Thanks to those of you who have participated in the Spectator Behaviour Survey for young people participating in high performance sports. We already have over 150 responses from young people, and over 50 from parents.

Looking at the results so far there is plenty of useful material to share with our SGB partners but we need more! Remember if you are able to encourage more than 20 responses from your sport we are able to share with you the results for your specific sport.

The survey window has been extended into February. Please take the time to circulate it (links below) and find out what young people in your sport are telling you about how positive and negative spectator behaviour manifests itself, the impact it has on them and what messages they want to send to spectators.

Here’s a taster from the responses so far:

“Tell kids it’s okay to lose”

“Stay out of the way and let them do their thing”

“Don’t try and live through your child”

“Be courteous and put yourself in their position, it isn’t easy”.

As a guide we are looking for feedback from children and young people who are participating in a high performance programme, or are training or competing at regional, national or international level.

Finally, please note survey participants are able to indicate if they wish to have a further discussion with Children 1st about their experiences. Information gathered in this phase of the exercise will also be shared.


Survey for children and young people involved in high performance sport to complete.

Survey for their parents and carers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: