Senior Hill Championship

The 2019 Hill series has some changes from  previous years.
Six Points will be awarded to the first Hawk finisher in each race, decreasing by one for each position in the top 5 (2nd=5 points , 3rd = 4 points, etc.) This will determine the overall champion. Every runner will receive a minimum of one point for each race.

Points will also be awarded as above in each age category (M40, M50, etc.)

A minimum of 4 must be completed to qualify for the Championship.

The best 4 results will count toward the final points total

If there are any issues with the results sheet, please contact me, Dave Hanlon on 07714 221628 or email me at




2017 Winners

Senior Men – Munro Stewart/Chris Walsh

V40 Men – Steve Matthews

V50 Men – Alan Vigrow

V60 Men – Phil Forte

2016 Winners

Senior Men – Munro Stewart

V40 Men – Billy Gibson

V50 Men – Phil Forte



2015 Winners

Senior Men – George Foster

V40 Men – Iain Anderson

V50 Men – Phil Forte

V70 Men – Charlie Love

Women – Catherine Matthews

Champ Sen Hill