Senior Multi-Terrain Championship


The 2018 multi-terrain/trail series will follow similar lines to previous years.
The points scoring is based on WAVA age adjustment of finishing times to provide a balance between someone aged 21 for example and someone aged 70.
To be eligible you must be 18 years or over and complete any 4 races from the list.
Points are awarded on WAVA adjusted finishing times ranging from 6 Points down to 1 point. Everyone who takes part will get at least 1 point per race.


07th April – Camperdown Parkrun – 5k

18th April- St Andrews race – 5k

9th May- Strathkinnes-Blebo race – 4mile

6th June- Tarvit – 5mile

8th June – DRR templeton trail race – 6mile

18th July – Newburgh race – 4mile

09th August – Balmullo trail race – 5mile

13th October- Camperdown Parkrun – 5k









2017 Winners were
Men – Steve Matthews
Women – Diane Placentino






2016 Winners were
Men – Steve Cromar
Women – Fiona Gibson





2015 Winners were

Men – Steve Cromar

Women – Fiona Gibson