Track & Field Kit

Here is a kit list outlining roughly what you will need for an event.

Club vest
Running top (short or long sleeved to wear under vest if you wish) or if you are running as a “non-counter”
Shorts/running tights
Spikes if you have them-with size 6mm for track
Spike key
Safety pins-at least 8, as 4 for front and 4 for back number required (no back number for High jump)
Tracksuit trousers
Sweatshirt/fleece for before/after races
Socks – at least 2 pairs especially if long or triple jumping as they will get filled with sand!
Warm jacket
Waterproof trousers if cold/wet
Hat and gloves as it can be very cold even in summer on track
If forecast is bad, you may even wish to bring a change of clothes to leave in the car and a towel
Suncream in case the weather is good!
Poly bags for wet/dirty kit and shoes
Food and drink – see below

The night before you race
Have a good tea e.g. pasta for energy. Try to avoid crisps, chips or fizzy drinks
Look all your kit out and put your spikes into your shoes to save time the next day (remember to use Vaseline occasionally, so they don’t stick and never cross thread them)

Race day
Have a good breakfast e.g. cereal, porridge, toast, bagel with jam or honey etc and something to drink.
Try not to eat or drink much in the couple of hours before you race, though you may need a snack 1-2 hours beforehand, depending on what time your race is.
Bring a packed lunch-this may include sandwiches, pancakes, cereal bars, chocolate, fruit, pasta, juice or water. You may want to bring a flask with a hot drink. There may be a cafeteria or food stall but better to be prepared in case there isn’t. If your events are spaced out, you may be able to have a small snack or piece of chocolate in between events, but check with your coach first.
If an adult is coming with you remind them to bring warm and waterproof clothes too. If they bring a camera, they will have to sign a form before they may use it at track events, according to Scottish Athletics rules.
Remember, you can never have too many warm clothes-though hopefully if the weather is kind, you won’t need them all!!
Be prepared for all weathers!