Training at RPC

DHH is back training within Caird Park, at our new facilities at the Ronnie McIntosh Stadium, part of the LACD Regional Performance Centre.

For those not sure, the stadium is within Caird Park and the only access to the park now is from Claverhouse Road. Follow signs into park, past Mains Castle and will see Ronnie McIntosh Stadium on left. There are plenty of car parking spaces. To access indoor building please use the door that is on the right hand side of building (looking at from main gate) that has a little canopy above it- this will be the only door that athletes will be able to come in and out of at before / after training. Please take care in car park.

Please note due to the facility being used by L&C on during week nights no one should be there prior to 6pm as there will be no coaches available until then. Club does not accept any responsibility until athletes are registered.

As the club only hires this facility from Dundee Leisure and Culture they have advised us of some regulations. These include:

  • No Chewing Gum in facility
  • No Smoking
  • No dogs
  • No muddy shoes or high heels on track (indoors and out)
  • Only bottles with sports top indoors and just water
  • No food on indoor track           

                We ask for everyone’s support in abiding by these please.