2018 Hill Racing Championship Series

There are some changes to the format of this year’s hill racing championship series which were discussed and approved at the last committee meeting. All the changes are designed to encourage wider participation and to simplify the format. The principles are:

  1. Publish the races earlier to try to allow other series organisers to plan
  2. Keep the races as local as possible
  3. Keep to shorter distance races where possible
  4. Qualification is 5 races (categories are not considered)
  5. Points scoring is the same as previous years
  6. Age categories remain the same

This year’s races will include two “club” races in the Sidlaws after positive feedback from last year’s racers. These races are free to enter and are open to any other club or unattached athlete. They are not on the SHR Calendar and are not SA licensed events (at present)


17/03/2018  Sidlaw Sunset Chase (Winter)

24/03/2018  Birnam Hill Classic

28/04/2018  Norman Law Hill Race

17/05/2018  Kinnoull Hill Race

26/05/2018  Glas Tulaichean Uphill

15/06/2018  White Tops Hill Race

TBC  Largo Law

12/08/2018  Lomonds of Fife Hill Race

12/09/2018  Sidlaw Sunset Chase (Summer)

The Largo Law hill race is included in the series, but at present the date has not been confirmed. Also Kinnoull Hill Race is on the calendar as 17th May but still to be confirmed

Billy Gibson is organising this year’s White Tops Race and Steve Matthews is organising  Glas Tulaichean. I hope that the club will support them as much as possible to ensure the continued success of these races