Club Awards

I hope everyone had fun at our XC Presentation BBQ. I am pleased to confirm our 2015 winners were:-

XC U11 Girls – Lesley Rogers
XC U11 Boys – Scott Vigrow
XC U13 GIrls – Iona McLeod
XC U13 Boys – Aiden Simpson
XC U15 Girls – Maddie Owen
XC U15 Boys – Jack Anderson
XC U17 Girls – Izzy Remers
XC U17 Boys – Andrew Merry
XC Sen Men – Billy Gibson
XC 40+ Men – Bruce Scott
XC 50+ Men – Dave Hanlon
Road U13 Boys – Aiden Simpson
Road U15 Girls – Danielle MacDermid
Road U15 Boys – Jack Anderson
Road U17 Boys – James Donald
Barbara Oliver Cup – Katrina Ballantyne
Harry Bennett Mile – James Donald

Well done everyone. There will be more awards later in the year (probably around October) as the various running seasons come to an end.
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