Farewell to the Hawks Cottage

A few of the ‘ancient’ Hawks who meet for beer & blethers on the last Friday of each month in the Counting House, Reform Street [all welcome] fancied holding a very informal get-together in the old clubrooms before it disappears/demolished to make way for the new Sports Centre.
I have made soundings about this and the response is very favourable – good. The premises have to be vacated and the keys given back etc by 27th May, so the date for the proposed get-together will be Saturday 7th May @ 8pm at the cottage, obviously.
I hope that suits most people – it should allow everyone time to return from any events they’ve been doing that day or football matches [whether of the dark blue persuasion or the other lot] plus there are no major events the next day so any resulting hangover will not be too inconvenient?
The idea is that you simply turn up with whatever bevvy & grub that you wish to consume over the course of the evening and ……errr…..that’s it. So a flask of strong tea and a packet of plain crisps in my case. I don’t suppose that there would be any reason not to have fish suppers etc delivered if anyone fancies that? I guess that we can always head on to the Clep Bar or the Indian at the top of Dura Street or whatever later on – however the mood takes us?
Maybe someone will bring a camera to record this auspicious event for posterity?
I haven’t had a key for the premises since I came off the committee in 2012, so please will someone who does have keys let us in?
Well that is pretty much it. I don’t have everyone’s email address, so feel free to pass this on to the usual suspects please e.g. Moir Logie, Kenny Grant and others that I don’t have email contact for or have forgotten.
Hope to see you on the 7th May for the ‘send-off’ to the old place.

Phil Forte