Senior and Veteran Cross Country Champions

This year’s club XC champion is Billy Gibson who narrowly pipped last year’s champion, Mark Lamb to take the honours. Veteran champion is Bruce Scott who was the only vet to complete all four races. Supervet Champion is Dave Hanlon who, likewise was the only Supervet to complete four of the series races.

None of the other age or ladies categories  were contested fully.

Full list of results can be found HERE

We had a healthy turnout of athletes during the series which had everything from the narrow tracks of Braid Hills to the mudbaths of the Masters and the Nationals. As far as I know the club will not be hosting any of the League  or relay races next season but there are rumours we may be asked to host the Masters which would be a great honour for the club. If we are asked, we will need a lot of support from club members to make it a memorable occasion

I hope everyone who took part including those new to XC enjoyed the experience. Here’s to next season’s championship.


Dave H