Track & Field Leagues

We recognise that a lot of our athletes are new to Track and Field athletics so we thought a rough guide how the competitions all fit together may be useful. Track season is usually between April and September.

Grampian Athletics League – Petrofac (Sponsor’s name) Meets three times with a potential Final place later in the summer in each age group. This league is for age groups U11, U13, U15, U17 and Senior for both male and female athletes. It is a friendly league in many respects and involves the North East Of Scotland Clubs. We are sometimes the Host Club and offer catering with usually a good contribution to club funds. We tend to ask for help both serving and for contributions to sell. We have gained the reputation of being the best hosts over the last few years. In the past, parents have taken athletes to the away matches but there are always lifts available and we sometimes put a bus on at a cost of £3. Each event has an A and B competitor and they are chosen on basis of times and distances. Club colours have to be worn. Also, we can run “non-counters” in events to enable athletes to try competition and they will gain an official time and distance ready for future selection. (Must run in t-shirt, not club colours).

Youth Development League (Lower Age Group) is for U13 and U15 boys and girls (British Athletics). There are 3 meetings and a potential final. This tends to be a tougher competition and involves 8 clubs. A and B runners again but no non-counters. In the past we have hired a bus for the longer trips. Often we share this with Fife AC and parents can come too provided there are seats available. Bus cost is £3. It can be a long day but it is always very enjoyable.

Youth Development League (Upper Age Group) is for U17 and U20 men and women. It is part of a British League and we form a composite team with Fife AC and Pitreavie AAC called Kingdom AC. The Kingdom team supply vests. There are up to three places per event so plenty of opportunity. Meets are usually 1 in Scotland and 3 in the north of England so there is a bus and an overnight stay in a Premier Inn for the England trips. Athletes are treated as adults (though plenty of support from coaching team). Again feedback is usually very positive and the level of competition is extremely good for athletes that wish to improve. Athletes are invited to join this team based on performances throughout the year. The Kingdom team has a greater expense but we try and subsidise as much as possible. A fee of £20 covers the bus to England and overnight stay at present.

Scottish National Women’s League. Fife ,Perth, Dundee and Arbroath form a composite team for women’s league for age groups U13, U15, U17 and Senior. A good day out and we all share a bus. This Team is selected on times and distances. As it’s a regional team it is a real boost for any athlete selected. (A and B competitors). We pay League Subscriptions as a club so there is no event payment. However, we charge nominal fees for the bus, usually £3.

I hope that is helpful. The essence of athletics is to compete and be the best you can be. We will be encouraging all who wish to compete as it is the lifeblood of the Hawks and our sport.